Stanbroil Stainless Steel 18 Round Flat Fire Pit Burner Pan With12 Fire Ring Inst

   Stanbroil Stainless Steel 18 Round Flat Fire Pit Burner Pan w/12 Fire Ring Installed, BTU 92,000 Max. Dimension: 18-inch Round Pan with a 12 inch Round Burner Ring. Material: Durable Stainless Steel #304 to endure the rigours of the outdoors environment. Design: Round Burner, Male 1/2 Inch Gas Inlet, Holes are Machine Drilled and not punched. (Punched holes can cause a loud whistle). Applicability: Natural Gas (NG); Propane (LP). Package Contents: Burner and Pan; Includes extra mounting plate for optional igniter (igniter not included). Stanbroil Stainless Steel Drop-in Fire Pit...


Celestial Fire Glass 19 Stainless Steel Round Drop-in Fire Pit Pan With12 Burner

   This 19 inch round drop-in pan with 12 inch burner is an easy, affo. Rdable way to light up the night with your own DIY fire pit. A fire pit is the perfect way to add style and ambiance to your backyard living area. Why spend hundreds on a pre-made "cookie cutter" unit when you can build your own with this round Drop-In Fire Pit Pan from Celestial Fire? Our round pan has a 12 burner centered in the tray. The resulting flame is deeper and more centered for a "classic" camp fire look. Installation is a snap: Simply drop the pan into your unit, connect to a suitable gas source, and then...


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